Countdown is based on Sensor, the Island (2015). 3D prints of the figures living on the island are created from series of photos. The photos are processed in the computer in 3D programs, that from a high amount of pictures can build a detailed three-dimensional image. In Countdown the amount of photos used for creating this image is gradually reduced, giving the computer less and less information to work with. Holes open up where information lacks and new shapes appears. In this experiment the lowest amount of photos possible to make a printable image from was three.

3d-prints of a polarbear and a goat, based on different amounts of photos. Four boxes, ca 25x25x30cm.

Materials: PLA, glass, foam board, chicken hearts, hey, wooden sticks, glitter

The Island, Meshmixer view

The Island, Photoscan view

Polarbear 105/108 photos, Meshmixer view

Polarbear 3/13 photos, Meshmixer view

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