Jenny Berg Floor turned upside down 2016

(...) I had been thinking for a while of turning the floor upside down, the carpet would be at the bottom, then the wood construction and the concrete layer, the isolation material and the macadam, and then the ground touching the sky again with soil and tree roots. I wanted to make a prototype for this, and was looking for good roots to use.

And I asked and I asked and i asked but no one had any good roots for me

I went to a beach in Skåne together with my friends Jona, the Eco Gardener, Elin, His Woman Artist, and Sinai The Dog, and there was also Issa and Salomo The Children and Etta the Artist was there as well.

On the beach I found many trees that had fallen down. The sea had washed the soil and the sand away until they were falling. I found a lot of good roots and i cut them Off.

On the beach, I suddenly felt the tickeling along my neck and spine, like being watched by A carnivore. (...) 

Excerpt from Its a heartache, 2016

Floor turned upside down, prototypes, 2016

Material: Soil, roots, wood, stone, styrofoam, vapour barrier, glass wool

Ca 200x500x240cm

Photos from installation in Örnsköldsviks Konsthall

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