Jenny Berg Everyone was there 2018 film still
Jenny Berg It´s a heartache 2016
Jenny Berg Everyone was there 2018 film still 2

Everyone was there 2018

Film, 21 min

In Everyone was there the story from It´s a heartache continues. I return to the beach where I found the dead roe deer, its heart has been in my refrigerator for two years and now I am going to bury it. On the beach I meet the roe deers brother, the fox and many others. Everyone wants to come to the funeral and everyone puts their best clothes on. Joris, the eco gardener is preparing a grave, digging an enormous hole with his rear loader. It becomes very deep and very dark and out of it comes a black hole, like the ones from outer space. In the end we all fall into the hole and miraculous things are happening.

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