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Jenny Berg It´s a heartache 2 2016
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"I had been thinking for a while about how to connect hearts together, sharing same blood. I wanted to make a 3-dimensional model of the sharing, to see if it could work out. I planned to cast many hearts and attach them with hoses to a  pump that would pump the same liquid through all of them.

I was looking for a good heart to use for the mold. But good heart was hard to find. I went to ask the butcher but he had no good heart for me that day. I went to ask the hunter but he had no good heart for me that day. I went to ask the murderer but he told me he had no good heart for me to use upon that very day.

I had been thinking for a while of turning the floor upside down, the carpet would be at the bottom, then the wood construction and the concrete layer, the isolation material and the macadam, and then the ground touching the sky again with soil and tree roots. I wanted to make a prototype for this, and was looking for good roots to use.

And I asked and I asked and i asked but no one had any good roots for me

I went to a beach in Skåne together with my friends Jona, the Eco Gardener, Elin, His Woman Artist, and Sinai The Dog, and there was also Issa and Salomo The Children and Etta the Artist was there as well.

On the beach I found many trees that had fallen down. The sea had washed the soil and the sand away until they were falling. I found a lot of good roots and i cut them Off.

On the beach, I suddenly felt the tickeling along my neck and spine, like being watched by A carnivore.

And further on, on the beach there had been a fight, blood was in the sand and in the snow that fell that very morning. And on the beach was a freshly killed animal, the Roe Deer without a head. The Fox had been fighting the Roe Deer, bringing it down. It had taken its head and ran off to the Fox Cubs who were waiting hungry in the Fox den, to give them an appetizer.

I took the Roe Deer without a head with me and I cut its heart out.

To reach the Roe Deers heart I had to open its belly with a big knife that Jona the Eco Gardener lent me, and I had to saw the Roe Deers breast bone in two halves. Inside the chest was like a dark chamber where the heart was hanging behind half transparent curtains, behind the curtains were red, purple, pink colours and the heart was hanging between the lungs that were apricot/pink colour.

Afterwards Jona, the Eco Gardener brought the Roe Deer without head and heart to a place in his garden where he had planted trees that would give fruit. He dug a hole, two feet deep, and so he buried the rests of the Dead Roe Deer in his Fruit Garden.

I bought plaster, i bought Styrofoam, i bought PL600 and other materials. And I was building the prototype for the floor that is turned upside down.

One day Sinai, The Dog, was smelling really funny. He had found the Dead Roe Deer without a head and a heart and dug it up. Sinai the dog had taken one of its legs off.

But Jona, the Eco Gardener, was digging a deeper hole in his garden where he had planted his Fruit Trees, and he took the Deer without Head and Heart and with only three Legs, and he put it in the deeper hole and covered it with lots of soil, and then he rested.

But one day Sinai, the dog, was smelling even worse. He had found the Dead Deer without a head and heart and with three legs and dug it up. The dear without a head and heart and one leg missing was now in many many pieces and many Worms were there as well.

But Jona, the Eco Gardener, was digging the deepest of the Deep Holes in his Fruit Garden, and he took all the pieces of the Dead deer, and the worms, and he buried them deep deep down, and covered them with hundreds of hundreds of cubic yards of soil. And the trees were giving fruit for The Children to eat."

It´s a heartache 2016-2021

Textile, mixed techniques, embroidered text

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