Miraculous laws nr llll, 2019

Site specific installation in Hotell Norrvalla, Malmö

In one of the rooms in the hotel Norrvalla someone has painted stars in the ceiling with yellow paint. There are also other traces left from former visitors: A sticker with a red heart on the light switch, another heart hanging from a window hook, a silhuett of a wunderbaum sprayed on the wall, glue on the window in shape of a half moon, porn pictures of girls glued on the wall and very close to them an area on the floor covered with burn marks from cigarettes. On the door it is written “never knock on my door” and the door is broken, someone has used an axe to try to enter. I don’t know who has been wishing the universe to come in through the ceiling, but I continue working on that idea. The eventual man who has been here watching the girls is gone. The girls are watching me from their wall. They send me longing and encouraging (and maybe a bit horny) gazes as I’m sawing, screwing up bolts and connect blocks and carbine hooks.

The installation consists of a hole in the ceiling and a construction where a part of the ceiling is hanging from ropes. Four blocks of ice are used as counterweight and as the ice melts the ceiling slowly moves towards the floor during the two days of the exhibition. The universe opens up, through the hole comes a fiberoptic star fall and the girls can wish for whatever they want.

For thirty years Hotell Norrvalla has been a hostel for homeless people in Malmö, but was closed in 2019 due to its very poor condition. Waiting for renovation it was lent out to the art event "PLX-hotellet på Norra Vallgatan" that took place 1-2 March 2019. 

Great thanks to everyone who left traces in the room in Hotell Norrvalla.

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