Preparations for the journey, 2012-2014

Installation, details

Preparations for the Trip to the bear mountains, 2014-15

Model of damaged tent, scale 1:1, 2014. Foamboard, 200x230x150cm

Where the attack took place, 2013. Foamboard, 50x70x15cm

Where the attack took place, small model 2013. Foamboard, plastic. 10x15x8cm

Wounded man, 2014. Clay, acrylic paint. 15x10cm

Polar bear attack, 2012. Graphite on paper, A4

Attack simulator, detail, 2014. Materials: Wood, metal net, styrofoam, fake fur, clay, paint and more. Bear: 240x100x110cm

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Model of where the village ends, 2014

Trip to the bear mountains 2014-2015

Attack simulator 2014