Tests, being part of, 2013-2014.

Two try-outs inspired by a rewilding project led by scientists in Siberia. The rewilding project is aiming to recreate an eco-system that functions the same way as it did during Pleistocen (between 2588000-11700 years ago), before humans entered the area. Plants and animals that are similar to ancient species are planted into a brand new pre-human nature park.


Test one was carried out in Malmö 2013 together with two other artists. It was about building nature in a room, and then us becoming a part of nature. To make it easier for us to be part of something we planned to become pre-human and dissolve our egos. One method was to try to be objects. To practice being part of something we also wanted to have a collective process. But then one participant said "I have to do other things and don´t have so much time for this". So we decided it would be more effective if I who had taken the initiative would be the project leader and organize everything, and that the project should be done in two days.


Test two was made together with a family in Västmanland, Sweden, 2014. The family consists of a mother and a father, three children and a grandmother. They all live in the same small village in the countryside.