Text from drawing:


"(...) fw; One tough camper! Polar bear attack in the high arctic.

This is from up in the Yukon, this chap is lucky to be alive. The guy survived the bear attack. The bear jumped on him while he was sleeping in his tent and he managed to get it off of him and shoot it.

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"Polar bear attack", 2012. Graphite on paper. A4

Where the attack took place, small model 2013. Foamboard, plastic. 10x15x8cm


Attack simulator, detail, 2014.

Materials: Wood, metal net, styrofoam, fake fur, clay, paint and more. Bear: 240x100x110cm



Preparations for the journey, work made 2012-2014


Model of damaged tent, scale 1:1, 2014. Foamboard, 200x230x150cm

Where the attack took place, 2013. Foamboard, 50x70x15cm


Wounded man, 2012. Foamboard, photo copy, 15x10cm





Wounded man, 2014. Clay, acrylic paint. 15x10cm