Letter on the front wall:


Amsterdam 5/2 2003



I do not have time to make any piece of art for this event, but behind this wall there´s a cowboy zombie porno movie you can jerk off to. I have to go to Berlin to meet my sister Märta who is busy saving the world, and I´m going to help her to demonstrate against the war.

This is my sister Märta and my sister Lisa.They saved my life more than once. You want to tell me what counts. I know only love counts (love love love love)

This has been a church. I have never been religious. When I was a child I asked my mother if I should believe in God. She answered that it might be good to believe in something, while you are a child.



Letter on the back side of the wall:


Berlin 19/2 2003



Came to Berlin

Ulrika and Marcus had bought cider and a five liter bottle of white wine that costed 6 euro. We drank that and I was demonstrating the day after with the worst hangover ever. There was 500 000 people taking part in the demonstration that day in Berlin. It felt like a bit too many. I tried to stay close to my sister and her friends, but I could hardly stand straight, and I had to bring up all my concentration to not lose track of the group of young people carrying a sheet with the text : "Who needs war?"

I was not able to answer any questions.

I managed to not puke or fall, but my sister was giving me sceptic looks. I don´t know how to think about family. Yesterday Ulrika and Markus said they are going to adopt me. Today I was checking my horoscope in the internet. It said there is a period coming, where I seriously will question my ideals and my view of the world. That me trying to be idealistic only is a way of hiding my weaknesses for myself. It said I can lose my own path in life if I continue to stick to these ideals, but I have never believed in horoscopes.


Cowboy zombie porno movie, 2003, video still

Cowboy zombie porno in the chapel, 2003.

Installation in the Chapel of the Sandberg Instituut, (a former chapel changed into a gallery) in Amsterdam.

On the front wall is a letter from me and two photographs of my younger sisters.

Behind the wall is a cowboy zombie porno movie shown on a TV, toilet paper, music in headphones: "Heaven is a place on earth" with Belinda Carlisle, and another letter from me on the back side of the wall.