Blood sharers, 2015

Vampire bats sharing blood, model scale 1:1.

Materials: Diesel aggregate, pump, hoses, coloured water, plastic box, wood board, metal construction, branch. Bats made of clay, metal wire, fur, textile, beeswax. Approx. 140x100x70cm

The model was placed outside an abandoned mine in Sandbekk, Norway.

It is said that nowadays bats live in the caves where the miners once used to search for minerals.

Among vampire bats it is common that individuals who have been successful in finding food regurgitate one meal of blood for another individual who has failed. It is seen as an altruistic behaviour.

The two weeks group project "Rädda Velferden" took place around "Velferden" a building where miners and their families used to gather for meetings and parties. The project was led by Maiken Stene, artist who grew up in the area.

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